I'm just dicking around on here.
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Please look at this

and if you don’t want Chorus Kids after watching this something is wrong with you

I want this to happen so badly. Love rhythm heaven
i am! found them a long time ago

goooood. same they’ve been one of my favs since junior year. I’ve tried to get so many friends into them with not too much success. :\

The Avalanches - Since I Left You

I’ve yet to find someone who’s into The Avalanches. Someday…


Urban Species feat. Imogen Heap - Blanket

Not gonna lie, I find so much good music through watching Misfits. 

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lmao I was just listening to spazzkid

He’s the best. I haven’t been able to stop listening to him since May. Kokeshi Doll is currently a contender for my personal top song of the year haha. Tied with Dye’s Hole in Ocean and Vondelpark’s California Analog Dream. Found a lot of good music this year. :D

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Pepa Prieto


Pepa Prieto

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Anonymous asked:
Help me find the gif post of the dramatic telenovela where the girl smashes her forehead into the rearview mirror of an incoming mirror, please!


i can’t find it! lmao someone help


Yoko Honda